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Excessive costs hit family car

Posted April 19th, 2012

The cost of refueling your family car is set to hit the Eur3,000 a year mark according to the Irish Independent.

A recent surge in the cost of diesel and petrol, as well as the new higher tax on fuel, have inflated prices and put a massive strain on family budgets.

According to the AA, it’s now costing the average family Eur250 a month to fill their family car. The number is based on three 50 litre fills a month, which has increased from Eur1.42 in 2009 to Eur2.35 in 2011.

The deteriorating condition of the Eurozone has contributed significantly the rise in petrol fuels which had a substantial hit on Irish petrol pumps, with the costs verging at Eur160.

The higher fuel costs are one of the reasons why the cost of running a family car is suppose to increase to a Eur100 a week.

The higher carbon tax and VAT have hit hard on consumers increasing the size of their weekly motor costs two fold. Tolls on motorways have also risen by 10c and daily parking spots have gone up by Eur1.00.

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